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Engagement - Christian & Elizabeth

This client's engagement ring was created around his grandmother's heirloom diamond, which we framed with two tapered baguettes and set into a streamlined, modern band. An updated take on the classic solitaire ring.  

Custom Single Diamond Comet Ring

We set our classic Comet ring with a single luminous diamond to create an elegant wedding band. This one is definitely a keeper!

Tilda Biehn - Custom Single Diamond Comet Ring
Tilda Biehn - Single Diamond Custom Comet Ring

Custom Triangle Diamond Torque Ring

Much like the lucky couple, this truly unique engagement ring represents the union of elegant and cool. The special near half carat diamond requires a setting unlike any other. A two band Torque Ring in yellow gold wraps around to delicately embrace the triangle diamond which is bezel set, allowing the light to filter through like an open window. 

Custom Birthstone Mini Torque

This Mini Torque ring is adorned with three birthstones - diamond, emerald, and ruby - representing three children. The stones are set into three bands of white, rose, and yellow gold.

Custom Emerald Comet Ring

Our classic comet ring set with emeralds the whole way around. 


Custom Tumble Ring

Both weighty and floating, this custom yellow gold tumble ring defies gravity with six tiny tumbling cubes that hover effortlessly above your fingers.


Custom Amour Oath Band

This special oath band marks the birth of a child using moonstone, her birthstone, and includes an engraving of the child's birth date on the inside of the rose gold band. The declaration, "Amour dure sans fin" translates from the French to "Love lasts eternally." 


Custom Emerald & Diamond Drop

These one of a kind earrings are both elegant and edgy with an emerald stud adorning one ear and a delicate thread of three stones hanging from the other. A modern take on a classic evening earring.




Custom Emerald Drop & Yellow Gold Comet Hoop

Our classic yellow gold comet hoop is paired with a one of a kind bezel set emerald and diamond drop. An updated evening look for a unique woman. 



Custom Black Diamond Wedding Band Set

These custom wedding bands are each adorned with a single black diamond, symbolizing the union of the happy couple.

The lady's band is a delicate half-round band in rose gold, complete with a hand engraved laurel that frames a black diamond. For the gentleman, the Mini Torque Ring in yellow gold swings around to hug the finger, with the black diamond set on the end of the center band. 

Black Diamond Wedding Band Set
Men's Wedding Torque
Men's Wedding Torque
Black Diamond wedding band
Black Diamond wedding band

Custom Pavé Torque Ring

This custom torque ring is one that truly glows. Five handmade yellow gold bands wrap around the finger in a dynamic rhythm, Two of the bands are set in diamond pavé, highlighting the layers of construction in this beautiful gold tower. 

lisa - platinum coeur band.jpg

Custom Platinum Oath Band - Lisa

We transformed our classic Coeur Oath Band into this wider banded version in platinum and white diamonds for a very special wedding band.