I never intended to remake my grandmother’s bracelet. But it got stuck in my mind. In my memory, she was always wearing it. It is solid, a bit weighty. I can picture the simple, squared off links framed against her skin. It is the kind of jewelry that is comforting to remember, comforting to wear. It is the base for everything else.

I went in search of a chain just like it, but hit a dead end. Factory chain will just never look quite like the real thing. So we started out making a link or two. First pulling the wire to just the right shape, then twisting them to elongated links. Each one is just slightly different from the last. They have the imprint of the maker, each one.

I suspect I will never take off my Aurora jewels. It’s the perfect ring, the perfect hoops, the bracelet I end up sleeping in because it just belongs on my wrist always. They feel like a memory made new.