I’ve been thinking about these Convex/Concave rings recently, and I seem not to be the only one. A sudden flurry of people have been choosing these rings to mark important moments in their lives: weddings and proposals and babies and sometimes multiple babies (which requires multiple rings). Which makes me happy for lots of obvious reasons, but also because of something a bit less obvious.

One piece of advice I hear over and over is that people only want what is new. This means I’m supposed to make a new collection a few times a year. I’m supposed to retire the old designs as soon as possible and move on…

I’m beginning to suspect that this is the kind of advice I should just ignore. It’s not that I don’t love the new. I do. It’s the reason I began this company: I had an urge to create. But the things I want to make are not the kinds of things that I want to move on from and forget. I want them to be lasting. 

It’s helpful that I work with materials that last. That gold is not going anywhere. Take a look at some ancient gold and you can see, it just starts looking better.

But mostly it’s the design that I want to last. I try to make rings that I can imagine being worn in a thousand years, that your grandchildren would take out of their box and put right on. And I want it to be a design that you will wear forever, because it feels right and is like a part of you.

So when people come to me and say they want to buy a convex ring for this year’s celebration and are planning on a concave ring for next year’s, I feel like I’ve done something right. Because these rings won’t be about the new for you. They will be about something worth celebrating, and worth remembering. And they should stack up right alongside your accumulation of happy moments.